Polly Tremoulet, Ph.D.
Chief Informatics Officer

Dr. Patrice D (Polly) Tremoulet currently serves as Chief Informatics Officer at X Tech Ventures, an innovative company focused on solving today’s most challenging problems through the integration of technologies from multiple, diverse domains. One of her current initiatives is focused upon developing game-based assessment tools that elicit strengths and vocational preferences from individuals with communication challenges such as youth with autism and adults who acquired neurological impairments due to traumatic brain injuries.
With advanced degrees in both engineering and psychology, Dr. Tremoulet specializes in human-computer interaction (HCI) research, but she has also been given multiple awards for outstanding technical leadership and superlative personnel development. A highly creative, amiable collaborator, Dr. Tremoulet has worked closely with a diverse set of colleagues and as a result has over 30 publications in many fields beyond HCI, including cognitive development, perception, human reasoning and decision-making, training, and healthcare informatics.
Prior to joining X Tech, Dr. Tremoulet spearheaded a broad range of advanced HCI research at AT&T, Lucent Bell Laboratories, Rutgers University, Lockheed Martin and Drexel University.  At Bell Laboratories, she helped develop a novel performance rating system that reduced the time managers spent on evaluation by 20% and increased employee satisfaction ratings by 15%.  At Lockheed Martin, Dr. Tremoulet established the Interaction Design and Engineering for Advanced Systems (IDEAS) process for producing computer systems that optimize human effectiveness. She and her team used this process to design intelligent information systems that use human data (e.g. medical images, vital signs, reaction times, verbal, numerical or abstract reasoning assessments, neurological measures, etc.) to significantly improve performance. As Principal Investigator on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Augmented Cognition program, Dr. Tremoulet showed that using a suite of physiological sensors to assess cognitive state in real-time can help boost productivity by over 50%. On another effort, she and her team demonstrated how wearable sensors and mobile devices could be employed to dramatically improve medical care provided to combat casualties. That work inspired Dr. Tremoulet to concentrate upon improving the effectiveness of healthcare providers, which ultimately led her to Drexel University. As the Scientific Director of Drexel’s Applied Informatics Group, she initiated several research projects exploring how mobile devices can be leveraged to improve health outcomes.
Dr. Tremoulet attended Princeton University where she earned a B.S.E. in Operations Research and a certificate in Engineering Management Systems. She also holds an M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology, and a certificate in Cognitive Science, from Rutgers University.  She currently lives in Moorestown, NJ with her husband Greg and son Blake. She is personally interested in causes related to special needs children and employment for adults with cognitive disabilities.  

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